Off the beaten path: Belarus

Belarus, or the White Russia, the land of birch tree juice, potato, lots of medieval castles, no coins and virtually no public toilets, has many interesting sights and activities to offer to the off the beaten path travelers. You can learn about some weird superstitions and unusual religious phenomena, learn about the country's history during the WWII by visiting the memorials, visit remote villages and become familiar with the local culture, examine the castles and more.

The growing stone crosses of Turau

The growing stone crosses in Turau, Belarus, remain an unexplainable phenomena - they are said to be of pagan descent and able to perform miracles. Science has not yet solved this mystery, and the…

The Black Castle

The Black Castle, or Halshany Castle was built in 1610 in Hrodna Voblast, Belarus, and has many spine-chilling legends about it - cursed graveyards, subterranean churches, the ghosts of Black Monk and…