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Cachtice castle of the Blood Countess

Cachtice castle in Slovakia became famous mostly because of its owner, Elizabeth Bathory, or the Blood Countess, who allegedly tortured and killed many virgins and bathed in their blood.

The torture chambers of Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle in Estonia - Whether you are into vampires or a gothic horror novels admirer, you will certainly love this one. Get ready for a ghastly history narration from the heart of Estonia.

The mystery of Síle na Gig

Síle na Gig are stone carvings found on the walls of churches and castles of Ireland. They depict ugly, old, 2- to 5- breasted women, with oversized genitals. There are many theories what Síle na…

The Black Castle

The Black Castle, or Halshany Castle was built in 1610 in Hrodna Voblast, Belarus, and has many spine-chilling legends about it - cursed graveyards, subterranean churches, the ghosts of Black Monk and…

Moussa Castle - a dream built over a lifetime

Moussa Castle is a castle between Deir el Qamar and Beit ed-Dine in Lebanon, which was built single-handedly over a period of 60 years by Moussa Abdel Karim al-Maamari, who was told that he will never…

The Palace of Garbage King

Palacio do Rei do Lixo, or the Palace of the Garbage King, in Coina, Portugal is famous for its bad reputation. Besides that the main owner of the place was believed to be a blasphemous freethinker,…

Bunce Island - the slave trade center of the African Rice Coast

Bunce Island in Sierra Leone is the most important historic site in Africa for the United States and for the rest of the world - it is the site of the former British slave trading castle, which tells…
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Trelleborg - Viking ring fortress

Trelleborg is a massive circular fort built by Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century. Now it's a place of the annual Viking fair in Zealand.