Off the beaten path: Canada

Canada is the largest country in North America - the country of true natural beauty, the origins of Winnie the Pooh (that's right - a bear called Winnipeg was exported from Canada to London zoo, and that bear inspired A.A. Milne), the most golden medals for Winter Olympics, lots of famous comedians, and ice hotels! There is a multitude of all kinds of places and travel destinations to see and explore inside the country, various off the beaten path locations, routes and landscapes to marvel at - sand dunes, icy mountains, many weird museums and unusual constructions, like the first UFO landing pad or the Gopher Hole museum.

The UFO landing pad in St.Paul, Alberta

The world's first UFO landing pad is in St.Paul, Alberta. Although aliens haven't landed there yet, there is a museum dedicated to various sightings and alien encounters.

The Pysanka of Vegreville - world's largest Easter egg

The Pysanka of Vegreville is the world's largest Ukrainian Easter egg, created in 1973 to honor Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This monument was also the first geometrical rendition of an egg shape…