There are 6 off the beaten path places tagged extraterrestrial:

Pokaini forest

The mystery of Pokaini forest in Latvia still remains unsolved - some claim it to be a pagan sanctuary, some call it the "death spot", but the fact remains that there is some strange energy coming out…

Dogon Tribe of Mali

Dogon tribe in Mali is famous for its ritual masks, interesting creation myths and fox divination. This tribe managed to preserve their ancient beliefs through the centuries and stay unaffected by the…

The UFO landing pad in St.Paul, Alberta

The world's first UFO landing pad is in St.Paul, Alberta. Although aliens haven't landed there yet, there is a museum dedicated to various sightings and alien encounters.

Trovants - the living rocks of Romania

Trovants of Costesti might as well be an unknown inorganic form of life - these rocks grow when exposed to water, and multiply similarly to an unicellular organism.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a large circular underwater sinkhole 100 km off the coast of Belize, which formed in the ice age either due to the rise of the sea level or due to a collision with something…

Space ball of Namibia

For the last 20 years, more and more space junk has been falling down onto the Earth. One of the recent occurrences was the Space Ball in Namibia - deemed as an extraterrestrial object at first, but…