Off the beaten path: Cuba

Cuba, the land of rum, cigars, the smallest bird and frog, the most populated alligator-looking island in Caribbean, where Hemingway wrote "For Whom The Bell Tolls", the country with a vibrant history, breathtaking landscapes and beaches, has lots to offer for off the beaten path travelers. You can learn about the country's communist past, sugar cane history, steam engines and nuclear plants, or you can enjoy nature in the weird national park full of prehistoric reptiles, visit Hemingway's place, explore the colorful Havana and learn some Afr-Cuban dance, visit Colon Cemetery and more.

The prehistoric valley in Baconao park

National Park Baconao in Cuba is primarily dedicated to the revolution, however, it manages to blend in a bunch of real-sized dinosaurs, flora, fauna and car museum. To add to the weirdness of this…

Presidio Modelo - the defunct panopticon prison

Presidio Modelo used to be Cuban model prison, situated on Juventud island. The prison was designed following Jeremy Bentham's panopticon ideas, with a watchtower surrounded by prison cells in a…