Off the beaten path: France

Besides visiting the well known places in France, enjoying its art, architecture, food and wine, there are, of course, plenty of off the beaten path destinations to travel to and to learn about - whether you are exploring the darker side of French life and culture or on a search for most weird and unusual places: vampire museum, mushroom caves, ancient relics, secret passages, underground churches and many many more.

Musée des Vampires - Vampire museum in Paris

The owner of Musée des Vampires, Jacques Sirgent can tell you many stories of dark past of Paris, vampiric rituals and current superstitions. The museum has more than a 1000 amazing exhibits and is…

Cave aux Moines - the restaurant in a mushroom cave

Cave aux Moines is one of the mushroom caves along the banks of Loire, where you can learn about troglodyte life, see how mushrooms are cultivated, and try exquisite mushroom delicacies with Loire…
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