There are 12 off the beaten path places tagged bizarre restaurants and bars:

Jumbo Kingdom restaurant

Jumbo kingdom is one of the biggest floating restaurants in the world, which looks like a traditional Chinese palace, with wood carvings, dragons, luxurious interior and some weird gourmet meals.

Dog Cafe in Busan

Busan Dog Cafe was inspired by the cat cafes in Japan, and South Koreans love it. In Busan, where owning a dog is a luxury due to the small apartments and a hectic schedule of a big city, relaxing in…

The bombastic decor of Craters restaurant

Craters restaurant, located on the border of Laos and Vietnam, is unique because of its decor - huge bomb debris on the sides of the patio.

Cave aux Moines - the restaurant in a mushroom cave

Cave aux Moines is one of the mushroom caves along the banks of Loire, where you can learn about troglodyte life, see how mushrooms are cultivated, and try exquisite mushroom delicacies with Loire…
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The old village of Tai-O, Hong Kong

Tai-O is an old village, founded by pirates, which is completely non-modern, as opposed to the rest of Hong Kong. It is famous for its stilt houses and fresh seafood made by the local fishermen.

The Big Baobab pub

Big Baobab tree bar is located in Limpopo, South Africa. The baobab is 6000 years old, it can naturally accommodate up to 50 people, has a wine cellar, a phone, darts, and a toilet inside. You can…

Heladeria Coromoto - the best ice-cream shop in the world

Heladeria Coromoto in Merida, Venezuela, has 900 flavors of ice-cream, featuring mushroom, squid, hot dog, pumpkin, avocado and many many more flavors. The shop is in the Guinness book of records for…

Cricova Wine Cellars - the largest natural wine storage in the world

Cricova wine cellars in Moldova are the biggest natural wine storage in the world - the visitors can enjoy tasting various wines and marvel at the underground themed wine-tasting complexes.

Owakudani - the valley of the black eggs

The black eggs of Owakudani valley are much yummier than the regular eggs - after all, they were cooked in the sulphurous springs of the Great Hell!
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