Off the beaten path: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the Fragrant Harbor, is one of the densest populated countries in the world with the most amount of skyscrapers and most amount of Rolls Royces per capita. It is home to the bun festival to keep the hungry ghosts happy, the octopus cards and lots of funky dogs. For the off the beaten path travel lovers there are plenty of weird and unusual things to explore, food to eat and customs to learn. One can see the money-hungry Buddha, the terrible cage homes, mansions with illegal goods, wishing trees and many more places and destinations.

The old village of Tai-O, Hong Kong

Tai-O is an old village, founded by pirates, which is completely non-modern, as opposed to the rest of Hong Kong. It is famous for its stilt houses and fresh seafood made by the local fishermen.

Jumbo Kingdom restaurant

Jumbo kingdom is one of the biggest floating restaurants in the world, which looks like a traditional Chinese palace, with wood carvings, dragons, luxurious interior and some weird gourmet meals.