Off the beaten path: Iran

Iran is the land of the ancient Persian civilization and home to the oldest breed of cat. The country is actually safer than a Westerner might expect it to be, and it is relatively a low crime country. The off the beaten path travelers can learn a lot about Zoroastrianism and its unusual traditions, the ancient history of Persians,see the amazing architecture, the remains of Persepolis, and many other destinations within the country.

The Towers of Silence in Iran

The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence used to be burial sites, where the bodies were left laying in circles to be devoured by vultures, sun, wind and rain.

Persepolis - city of Achaemenid empire

Persepolis used to be the richest city on Earth, with treasuries full of gold, grandiose palaces and rulers. Xerxes waged his war against Greece here, adding more gold and jewels to the glittering…