Off the beaten path: Italy

Italy is, of course, a hugely popular place to travel to because of its art, history and food as well. There are multiple ways to explore this beautiful country not only by visiting the famous destinations, but also by doing some off the beaten path exploration - the land is full of religious wonders, dark and weird crypts and catacombs, unusual alchemical relics, and plenty of hiking tracks passing through Italy's amazing beaches and nature.

Capuchin Crypt, Rome

Capuchin Crypt in Rome holds the remains of 4000 monks, which were later exhumed and their bones used for decoration of the walls, ceilings and tombs - a spectacular sight of necroart.

Craco - the medieval ghost town, Italy

Craco is the medieval Italian ghost town on top of the hill, which was abandoned in the 60s due to natural disasters. The streets of Craco are full of history and mystery - a place not to miss on…
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Gelato museum in Bologna

Gelato Museum in Bologna is the place where you can learn everything about ice cream, starting from 12,000 BC. The museum has 10,000 historical images, documents, various ice cream tools and machines,…
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