Off the beaten path: Laos

Laos is the least westernized, most Buddhist and most laid-back Indochinese country. Because of this, there are great many forests, mountains and wildlife to explore for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can sit inside the weird jar in the Valley of the Jars and decide whether it belonged to a giant, seek the King Cobra, play Kator, visit many unique temples and see some unusual architecture.

The valley of the giant jars in Laos

Valley of Jars or the Plain of Jars is full of gigantic jars, weighing up to 6 tons. According to the local legends, the jars belonged to ancient giants.

The bombastic decor of Craters restaurant

Craters restaurant, located on the border of Laos and Vietnam, is unique because of its decor - huge bomb debris on the sides of the patio.