Off the beaten path: Mali

Mali, once a cultural center of Africa, has suffered lots of destruction from radical Islamists - important sites have been destroyed and many ancient manuscripts were burned. The area is still not considered safe for travel, but should it change, there are sites for the curious off the beaten path travelers to explore and things to do - the Great Mud Mosque, cliff villages, libraries with Timbuktu manuscripts, participating in the weird fish madness day in Koro, learning about the local traditions and more.

The invaluable Timbuktu manuscripts

The manuscripts of Timbuktu, Mali, bear an invaluable evidence of the African cultural and religious center, which existed 500 years ago. 700,000 manuscripts which contain writings on the subjects of…

Dogon Tribe of Mali

Dogon tribe in Mali is famous for its ritual masks, interesting creation myths and fox divination. This tribe managed to preserve their ancient beliefs through the centuries and stay unaffected by the…