Off the beaten path: Netherlands

Netherlands is known to be a land of windmills, tulips, cheese, canals and never ending fun! Naturally, there are plenty other facts about this land and destinations in the country to travel to, like unusual museums and weird places. This country has lots of amazing walking tracks through the nature, and many discoveries that one can make off the beaten path.

De Kattenkabinet

A must for the cat lovers - this museum is dedicated to cats in history and art, and was created by a wealthy Dutchman to preserve a memory of his cat, John Pierpont Morgan.

Museum of mutants in Amsterdam - Museum Vrolik

Museum Vrolik has the largest collection of human mutants. Started in the 19th century by Gerardus Vrolik, now it displays 150 specimens of human pathologies, anomalies and deformities.
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Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam tells the visitors about the 8000 year history of cannabis and its use, displaying various types of products made out of hemp and cannabis oil, a…