Off the beaten path: Slovenia

Slovenia, the country with a multitude of churches, the oldest wine in the world and the oldest Slavonic language document in the world, has many interesting destinations for the off the beaten path travelers - you can explore medieval architecture, see the oldest monastic pharmacy in Europe, check out the ingenious power station in Ljubljana, follow a multitude of mountain and forest tracks, learn some unusual superstitions and more.

The oldest wine in the world from the cellars of Maribor

The city of Maribor in Slovenia has the 400 year old vine, which still produces grapes and the oldest wine in the world, included into Guinness Book of Records. The wine ages in the Vinag wine cellar,…
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Lake Bled with its medieval castle

Lake Bled, its' castle and church have been an iconic landmark among travelers for a long time, due to its fairy-tale surroundings, medieval atmosphere and utter beauty both in summer and winter.