Elephant Ear in the Zombie Hole

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Posted on Fri, Nov 07 2014 10:04:26

The Zombie Hole cave is located near the town of Saint-Marc, off the coast of the Gulf of Gonâve , Haiti, right next to the Amani beach. You can reach it by going to the north-west of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. The cave is a karst formation, more than 200 meters deep, and it is considered one of the largest formations of this type in the world.  For the ones who are into scuba, this diving site is a must.

The Zombie Hole was formed many centuries ago as a product of soluble rocks' leaching and is a natural mine with distinct boundaries. The coral reefs near the cave are home to the world's largest sponge species – Elephant Ears -   a fan coral which reaches up to 3.7 meters in diameter. Besides that, there are sponge tubes, black coral, blue tang, sea urchins, and many more.

In the Zombie Hole, the Elephant Ear Sponge is located at 40 meters depth. The sponge is flat and very bright – red, orange or yellow.

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