The strange sculptures in Victoria's Way park

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Posted on Fri, Nov 07 2014 13:46:47

Victoria's Way park is a private park near the village of Roundwood in Ireland, which attracts people with its unusual sculptures. The park is located in Wicklow county and belongs to Victor Langheld, who was born in Berlin, traveled around the world and lived with different religious orders in Thailand, Japan and Sri-Lanka. When he settled in Ireland, he sponsored the construction of this park and designed 24 granite and 3 bronze sculptures himself. During his travels, Victor spent a lot of time on contemplating the meaning of life and getting acquainted with various philosophical approaches and cultural traditions. Hence, the sculptures in the garden are designed in a way that calls one to contemplate about the meaning of the world or the sculptures themselves.

It took about 20 years to create the black granite sculptures, which are from 1.5 to 4.9 meters tall.
A plaque by the entrance says that the park is dedicated to Alan Turing. The entrance itself is a tunnel based on the idea of vagina dentata. Inside the park there are 8 Ganesha statues, a python-shaped seat, and different interpretations of deities. Many of the sculptures have a modern object with them, like a laptop, a Guinness bottle, a mobile phone, and others.

In addition to the traditional statues, there are some other symbolic features, like The Split Man, a skeletal figure, a solitary index finger pointing to the sky.

Victor Langheld continues to take care of the park and welcome the visitors of Victoria's Way.

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