Off the beaten path: Denmark

Denmark is a country made up of large islands and surrounded by beautiful Nordic beaches. It's the southernmost Nordic country with interesting historic facts about its places. What makes the destinations of Denmark so special is the viking ruins, medieval castles, places off the beaten track in its rural countryside. There are many places you can travel to and explore in this oldest kingdom of Europe - both popular and unusual: for example, you can enjoy seeing Hamlet in Helsingor castle or you can go off the beaten path and discover the Viking places of power, and find out weird facts, like: should a family of bats settle in your house, you will have to vacate the premises.

Aarhus brain collection

Aarhus Psychiatric hospital has 9479 brains collected from the deceased mentally ill with schizophrenia, manias, and other psychiatric disorders. If you are a scientist in the field, you might get an…

Trelleborg - Viking ring fortress

Trelleborg is a massive circular fort built by Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century. Now it's a place of the annual Viking fair in Zealand.

The Bog body of Haraldskær Woman

Haraldskær Woman is a preserved bog body from 490 BC, which got discovered by farmers of Jutland in 1835 and believed to be the remains of Queen Gunhild of Norway. Due to this mistaken identity, the…
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