Off the beaten path: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest Central Asian country with the famous Baikonur cosmodrome where the launch of the first manned orbital flight took place. Since the country is so large, there are plenty of off the beaten path places to explore and there is lots to learn about Kazakh folklore, the mythos of Genghis Khan, and some other weird legends. The country has immense untouched landscapes with a unique mix of true deserts, steppes, savannas, taiga, tundra, wild forests, pristine lakes and rivers - the possibilities for the off the beaten track travel here are almost infinite.

The Singing Mountain in Kazakhstan

Singing sands have been a cause of folk superstitions for a long time. The singing dune in Kazakhstan is believed to contain either the bones of Genghis Khan or Satan himself.

The Giant Pentagram in Lisakovsk

The aerial view of Lisakovsk, Kazakhstan, stirred the imagination of many - it had a massive pentagram etched into the surface of our mother Earth. Theories were plenty, but they were quickly proven…