Off the beaten path: Philippines

Philippines is the land where karaoke was invented, where a yoyo used to be a hunting weapon, and where Christmas season lasts from September to January. The country consist of 7000 islands, and it would take you about 20 years to spend a day on each one - therefore, there are plenty destinations for the off the beaten path travel lovers. You can visit the caves with the weird fire mummies, see some unusual museums, explore the fascinating nature of the islands, visit many historical sites and many more.

Kabayan fire mummies

Kabayan mummies, a.k.a. Ibaloi or Benguet mummies in Philippines are a rare site to see. They are unique because of the mummification through fire process Ibaloi people used.

Bamboo pipe organ

Bamboo organ in Las Piñas, Philippines, is the only organ made out of bamboo in the world. It was created by a Spanish priest Diego Cera in the beginning of the 19th century and is still being played…