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The Pysanka of Vegreville - world's largest Easter egg

The Pysanka of Vegreville is the world's largest Ukrainian Easter egg, created in 1973 to honor Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This monument was also the first geometrical rendition of an egg shape…

The amazing Ganja bottle house

The bottle house in Ganja, Azerbaijan, was built by Ibrahim Dzhafarov in 1967 out of 48 thousand bottles. Every inch of the construction is decorated with various designs, words and portraits,…
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The ancient Madaba mosaic map in Jordan

Madaba mosaic map is one of the oldest masterpieces of cartography, showing the important locations in the Middle East in the 6th century BC.
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The garden of Hesperides in Lixus

The Garden of Hesperides had magical golden apples of eternal youth, guarded by three nymphs and a dragon. The apples and the nymphs are gone now, and the dragon has turned into a river, but the ruins…