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The Blue Desert

The Blue Desert is Jean Verame's work of art, commemorating Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement, created in 1980. The monument features giant boulders in the desert painted blue, symbolizing peace.

The Pysanka of Vegreville - world's largest Easter egg

The Pysanka of Vegreville is the world's largest Ukrainian Easter egg, created in 1973 to honor Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This monument was also the first geometrical rendition of an egg shape…

Yerba Mate monument in Uruguay

Yerba Mate is THE tea in South America, and Uruguay is the leader in mate consumption - that is why they have two monuments to mate. The newest one stands in San Jose.

The Wheel of Time in Budapest

The giant hourglass in Budapest was constructed in 2004, and it stands there to remind us of the times that have passed and of the times yet to come.

The Sundial of Santo Domingo

El Reloj de Sol de Santo Domingo is a sundial in Dominican Republic, which has been precise for centuries - it is entirely made our of metal and has no moving parts.

The center of the world, Ecuador

The monument placed in the center of the world according to the French Geodesic Mission calculations unfortunately misses its mark.
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