Yoda Guy's Caribbean Star Wars Heaven

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Posted on Sat, Nov 15 2014 10:41:43

yoda guyIn 2003, Nick Maley, the artist known for his contribution to the creation of Yoda and other Star Wars creatures decided to trade his Ferrari for a sailboat and went to Sint Maarten in the Carribbean. There, he created a museum called Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. The museum had instant success and described as the most unique place in the Caribbean.

The museum has Nick's private collection of rare Hollywood relics, duplicates and collectables. The visitors can learn a lot about movie history and techniques that brought to life Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, the Terminator, Alien, Highlander, Superman and more.

Nick Maley himself will tell you the stories about each piece of the exhibition and his memories of making the classic films. He says that most celebritieas are too busy to write about their first-hand experiences on the sets, however his memories and the exhibit are one of his prime focuses, and he plans to occupy his time with this for the next decade or two.

Besides the fictional heroes presented in Nick's collection, he has a collection of celebrity life casts – from Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie and Jonny Depp to Humphry Bogart and Erroll Flynn.

This place is a must go for the Star Wars fans – first of all, just to meet the Yoda guy is already exciting, and to see the relics from his collection will completely blow your mind. The Force is strong with this place indeed.

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