Off the beaten path: Cyprus

Cyprus, the playground of the gods, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the island that was already inhabited 10,000 years ago, has a very rich archaeology and beautiful nature. Off the beaten path travelers will enjoy visiting weird obscure parts of ancient sites,the unusual cat monastery, an abandoned beach resort, learning the traditions and culture of the place, and more.

The ancient sex curse tablet in Cyprus

In the pagan times, curses were engraved into lead tablets while the words of the curse were being spoken. In 2008, an ancient sex curse was discovered on a lead tablet among the ruins of the kingdom…

Varosha, the luxury ghost beach resort

Varosha is a ghost beach town in Famagusta, Cyprus, which used to be one of the luxury vacation places in the world for the richest and the wealthiest. In 1974, Turkish army invaded Cyprus, surrounded…
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