Off the beaten path: Spain

Spain - the country of Don Quixote, Salvador Dali, the Inquisition, Francisco Goya, where the tooth fairy is a mouse called Ratoncito Perez has plenty of destinations to explore, places to see and things to do. Given such a rich history and colorful culture, there is a plentitude of weird and unusual places for the ones who love to travel off the beaten path - temples, mazes, Salamanca astronaut, abandoned sanatoriums, park of the sleepless, haunted places - it's up to your curiosity to choose.

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum, Spain

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum is the place to learn about witchcraft, sorcery and black magic in Spain - you can learn to perform magic rituals and make potions as well.

The Kiss of Death statue

The Kiss of Death Statue, or El beso de la muerte, by an unknown sculptor, which dates back to 1930, stands on the ancient cemetery of Poblenou in Barcelona. It portrays an angel of death bestowing a…

The Baby-Jumping (El Colacho ) Festival

Would you like to see one of the oddest celebrations ever? Welcome to Burgos in Spain 60 days after Easter during the village’s religious festival.
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