Off the beaten path: Guatemala

Guatemala, the Land of Trees, the cultural hub of Central America, the land of the Mayans, where the first chocolate and blue denim came from, the country with lots of volcanoes and amazing geography has plenty to offer for the off the beaten path travelers. You can try to learn one of still existing Mayan dialects, attend the kite festival, explore the giant sinkhole in Guatemala city, go to a natural sauna heated by a volcano, give your offerings to Maximon, and more.

Kites of the dead in Guatemala

In Sacatepequez and Sumpango, Guatemala, the celebration of the Day of the Dead is accompanied by a kite festival. It is believed by the locals that the kite's flutter in the wind is a sign that the…


Maximon is a product of Mayan folklore and Catholic teachings - he is a smoking, drinking and womanizing saint, revered by the descendants of Mayans in Guatemala, and hated by the church. Maximon's…