Off the beaten path: Lithuania

Lithuania, the land of Easter Granny(!), of one of the oldest Indo-European languages, the land where pagan traditions remained more preserved than in the other places, and the birthplace of Hannibal Lecter, has many weird and unusual sites to offer for the ones who love off the beaten path travel. Pagan heritage, mystical places, fascinating architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes, military heritage from WWII, USSR era, and many other destinations to explore and things to see.

The Hill of Witches in Juodkrantė

Raganu Kalnas, or the Hill of Witches used to be a place of ancient pagan worship and witches' Sabbaths back in the day. Now it is decorated with wooden sculptures in memory of the past.

Devils' museum in Kaunas

Devils' museum in Kaunas, Lithuania, has over 3,000 devils made out of different materials, from ancient ones to contemporary interpretations. The museum was based on the personal collection of the…