Off the beaten path: Latvia

Latvia is the famous ancient trading point on the route from Vikings to the Greeks - the historical past of the country is very rich. Besides Riga, with its cobblestone streets and preserved medieval buildings, there are off the beaten path places to travel to inside the country - various forests and mountains, mysterious and unusual places that are believed to emit strange energies and ancient places of pagan rituals.

Pokaini forest

The mystery of Pokaini forest in Latvia still remains unsolved - some claim it to be a pagan sanctuary, some call it the "death spot", but the fact remains that there is some strange energy coming out…

The Blue Mountain of Latvia - Zilais Kalns

Zilais Kalns, a.k.a. the Blue Mountain is a large hill north-east of Vidzeme, Latvia, which is shrouded in mystery and strange stories. This is a place of pagan worship, witchcraft, burial grounds…