Off the beaten path: Portugal

Portugal, one of the oldest countries in Europe and the country where the first Pirate code was invented has a lot to offer for the ones who like to visit the famous sites and for the off the beaten path travel lovers - the mysterious village of Monsanto, the unusual Dolmen chapel built in a neolithic tomb, the weird stone house, the bone chapel, another chamber pot museum - the list of the places to explore can go on and on.

Saint Maria Adelaide chapel

Saint Maria Adelaide's remains in Arcozelo are believed to possess healing power - people come there every day to ask her for help them and their loved ones.

The Palace of Garbage King

Palacio do Rei do Lixo, or the Palace of the Garbage King, in Coina, Portugal is famous for its bad reputation. Besides that the main owner of the place was believed to be a blasphemous freethinker,…