Cricova Wine Cellars - the largest natural wine storage in the world

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 10:10:18

The main feature of Cricova basements is that this is the largest natural storage for wine in the world. There is no special equipment, artificial air-conditioning devices, or ventilation systems in the cellars.

Wine aficionados and travelers who have an extra couple of thousand rubles in their pockets, can visit this unique place in Moldova. They are located near Cricova fork after Chisinau, which is easy to find. The entrance without wine tasting costs about a thousand rubles, and if you want to taste wines, the prices vary, depending on your preferences. The wine cellar complex itself is a 100-kilometer underground tunnels and rooms that keep the secrets of wine making for many centuries.  Rumors say that Yuri Gagarin, the first outer space cosmonaut, as well as Stalin used to visit the place, and that Putin celebrated his birthday there, among the other very important people.

For tourists, the most interesting part of Cricova winery  is a cellar in the shape of a wine glass. Most rare and collectible wines are being stored there, among them 19 bottles from the collection of Goering, and some red French wines from before the World War II. 

The uniqueness of the winery is also due to the fancy underground tasting halls, which are combined into a single complex. Among them there are "themed" rooms like "Seabed", "Casa Mare", "Hunting (or fireplace) Hall", "Conference room" and others. 

Cricova wine cellars are also a place of diverse activities: national and international wine tastings, formal and informal meetings and more.

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