Off the beaten path: Cameroon

Cameroon, the miniature Africa, the land of Juju hats, witchcraft and mascarades, one of the wettest lands on earth, has some interesting destinations for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can see the deadliest lake in the world and find out about the terrible disaster it has caused, buy a bunch of juju hats and find out their real purpose, enjoy watching an unusual masquerade, explore the wildlife, the magnificent landscapes, weird rock formations and more.

Lake Nyos - the deadliest lake in the world

Lake Nyos is a time bomb, filled with carbon dioxide. It has killed over 1700 inhabitants of Subum village in Cameroon in 1986 and it is growing stronger as we speak, preparing for its second strike.

Juju hats - the origins and the fashion craze

Cameroonian Juju hats became an unseparable part of house decor for many, while they used to be worn only by selected members of Bamileke tribes during rituals and ceremonies held by the tribal chief.