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Mokele Mbembe - the monster of Lake Tele

Mokele Mbembe is the monster lurking beneath the waters of Lake Tele in Congo. Since this area is one of the most unexplored corners of the world, it could be possible that some ancient form of life…
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Boga lake

Boga lake, Bangladesh, is a majestic crystal clear body of water, surrounded by the three highest peaks of the country, massive rocks, bamboo bush and mystical stories. It is believed to be created…
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Lake Bled with its medieval castle

Lake Bled, its' castle and church have been an iconic landmark among travelers for a long time, due to its fairy-tale surroundings, medieval atmosphere and utter beauty both in summer and winter.

The diabolical depression of Danakil

Danakil is a depression in the north of Ethiopia with eternal lakes of fire, toxic gases, sulfurous waters and merciless heat. Legend has it, that the place was a battlefield of the demons,…

The pink lake Retba

Lake Retba in Senegal might remind you of unicorns and candyland, but its pink waters are not that friendly. This is a salt mining site, where salt is extracted in a very hard way, by having to stand…
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Roopkund - the lake of skeletons

Roopkund in Uttarakhand is a lake with skeletons of 500-600 people around it and floating in it. Supposedly they were pilgrims from 850 A.D. The icy water preserved hair, nails and the pieces of…

Life in the deadly waters of Laguna del Diamante

The fact that life can thrive in deadly waters of the beautiful Laguna del Diamante is a true wonder of the nature, which could give clues about the development of the early life on Earth.

The Boiling Lake in Dominica

The Boiling Lake of Dominica is one of the most dangerous and unique places on Earth - taking a dip in it will boil you to death.

The sunken palace and treasures of Issyk Kul

The multiple legends about the Issyk Kul lake still make historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters wonder what the origins of the ruins beneath the water are and where the treasures are coming…
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