The Dog Collar Museum in Kent, England

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Posted on Sat, Aug 08 2015 11:32:29

The Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum in Kent, England, can give answers to these questions and show its visitors about 100 exclusive dog collars and related items. The assortment of canine cuffs spans almost six centuries! The collection itself has been built up over the years and claims to be the only one of its kind in Great Britain. 

The Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle is a must for all dog enthusiasts. There are collars from the 15th-17th centuries used as protection of hounds from the wolves and bears common in Medieval Europe. Thick iron collars saved a lot of dog lives. Faithful companions must have been grateful to their owners. Most of the dog collars of the Middle Ages were covered by impressive spines. Judging by the size of the collar you can realize how big some pooches could be. In the 18th century, the age of industrial and cultural revolutions, there appeared more decorative leather dog collars. They were less functional embellished by velvet and sometimes precious metal. There were readable signs on them as well. The main purpose of such collars was to control and make the dog more attractive. 

The Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum is visited by more than half a million people annually. Both local and foreign dog lovers enjoy spending time there. Sadly or not, no dog is allowed in the museum. The Dog Collar Museum is accessible via the entrance on the right of the castle. The Museum has also notices and leaflets with short descriptions in Braille. Check opening hours with the venue concerned before making a special visit. 

Leeds Castle is located 7 miles east of Maidstone, the county town of Kent. You can reach it by road or train. It is just off Junction 8 of the M20, midway between London and the Channel Ports. The trip may take you one hour from London and about 30 minutes from the Channel Tunnel and Channel Ports. 
If you have a peculiar interest for dog collars and their history then this museum is just for you. 

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