The icelandic phallological museum

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icelandic penis museumThe story of the Phallological museum in Iceland has its origins in 1974. Back then, young Sigurður Hjartarson visited one of the Icelandic farms and was given a curious present – a livestock whip bull's genitals attached to it. Sigurður was a principal of Hamrahild college, and he told his colleagues in the  high school in Akranes about this unusual object. Many of the school's staff worked part time on a summer whaling ship, and, as a joke, they started bringing whales' penises to Sigurður. Soon, these obscene presents turned into the man's serious hobby, Sigurður's collection grew, and in 1997 he managed to open a full-fledged phallological museum in Reykjavik, exhibiting embalmed and dried phalluses of Icelandic marine and terrestrial mammals. In 2004, Sigurdur retired and moved to the north of Iceland, to the town of Húsavík , taking the entire collection with him.

In November 2011 Sigurður handed over the collection to his son, Hjörtur Gísli Sigurðsson, and he  returned the phallological museum to Reykjavik. There are 280 specimens from 93 species of animals, from the largest to the smallest penises in the animal world. The most impressive exhibit is blue whale's penis part, which is 1.7 meters long and weighing 70 kilograms. The smallest one is the penis bone of a hamster, which can only be seen with a magnifying glass – it is 2mm long. The owner's pride is the only human penis in the collection, donated by a 95 year old man. Besides that, the museum has sculptures of 15 penises of the Icelandic national handball team. Sigurður also considers donating his penis  to the museum after his death. Sigurður's quest of obtaining a human penis was the subject of a Canadian documentary, “The Final Member”.

In addition, the Icelandic phallological museum has a folklore section, which features specimens taken from elves, trolls, kelpies, the Nasty Ghost of Snæfell, a merman, a one-legged, one-armed and one-eyed monster called a Beach-Murmurer, an Enriching Beach Mouse and an Icelandic Christmas Lad found dead by a mountain in 1985, whose penis was presented to the museum by a former mayor of Reykjavik.

Needless to say, the museum has a very interesting souvenir shop.

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