There are 22 off the beaten path places tagged memento mori:

Roopkund - the lake of skeletons

Roopkund in Uttarakhand is a lake with skeletons of 500-600 people around it and floating in it. Supposedly they were pilgrims from 850 A.D. The icy water preserved hair, nails and the pieces of…

The Coffin pub in Brussels

With its grim atmosphere, dimmed lights and morbid decoration - Le Cercueil is the pub to go to if you are up for a spooky and unconventional evening.

City of the Dead, Cairo

The City of the Dead in Cairo is an unforgettable experience - it has people living inside the tombs, mausoleums and crypts.

The fancy coffins of Ghana

Kane Kwei Carpentry workshop set a tradition of creating fancy coffins that resemble one's occupation or interest during his life - a coffin can look like a gun, shoe, snail, coca-cola bottle, a…
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