Off the beaten path: Brazil

Brazil is a country of unlimited travel possibilities - you can explore the vibrant cities, the amazing natural wonders, go off the beaten track into the jungle (if you are brave enough) on a boat from Manaus and lean the weird traditions of the natives, you can learn how unusual the local folklore is - for example, what do you know about a pink dolphin in a straw hat that turns into a handsome man to ensnare the ladies? The list of destinations of interest is huge, plus, in a country of this size, there are always places and paths unexplored.

Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Lapa - the area with many hotels, restaurants, bars, themed establishments, nightclubs, discos - everything connected with the night entertainment in Rio.

Butantã Snake institute

The Butantã Institute in Sao Paulo has one of the largest collections of venomous reptiles and insects and teaches you how the venom is used to create vaccines and serums to cure various diseases.

Endocannibals of Yanomami tribe

Yanomami is an endocannibalistic tribe living in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela - they eat the flesh of their dead relative to preserve the tribe's unity. Not being eaten after your death…