Off the beaten path: Botswana

Botswana, the land of thriving wildlife, diamond mining, infinite amount of meerkats, the !Xoo language with 112 distinct sounds (compared to 40 in English) has many interesting destinations to explore and things to do for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can explore the breathtaking Kalahari desert with its caves and hills, learn about the culture of various tribes, participate in some unusual Xai Xai rituals, try to learn some of the weird sounds of !Xoo, observe the amazing wildlife and more.

Gcwihaba - the maze of caverns and bats

Gcwihaba is a 3 million year old rare cave complex in Kalahari desert, Botswana with amazing stalactites, stalagmites and thousands of bats.

The mighty salt pans of Makgadikgadi

Makgadikgadi is one of the largest salt flats in the world, surrounded by the Kalahari desert in the north-eastern Botswana. In the dry season, nothing but algae and mighty baobabs inhabit the area,…