Off the beaten path: Kenya

Kenya is the destination where you can see the finest African flora and fauna. There is plenty to explore for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path - learning the culture and unusual traditions of some spectacular tribes, exploring the historical places and ruins, skull caves and other prehistoric sites, visiting some weird mystical places like the Devil's kitchen, the Kituluni hill, meeting and greeting animals and many other things to do.

Carnivore restaurant - the exotic meat gluttony place

Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi is a nightmare for vegetarians and a paradise for meat eaters. They offer exotic meats like ostrich, crocodile, eland and other weird meats.
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The mysterious virus-spreading Kitum Cave

Kitum cave was full of mysteries since the old days - first thought to be the place of the ancient Egyptian mining, then a place of mysterious animal disappearances, and now an evil virus spreader.

Menengai crater - the dwelling of a demonic flying umbrella

Menengai crater in Kenya has lots of really strange stories connected to it - from time-bending phenomenon to priest suicides, demon farmers and evil umbrellas. Besides that, the view in the area is…