Off the beaten path: South Korea

South Korea, the homeland of the first cloned dog, where you are 1 year old at birth, where you have a penis park and a mud festival, where men spend lavishly on makeup and women spend on plastic surgeries, where Valentine's day is about the guys, where blood type and age really matters and where robots are invading classrooms, has plenty off the beaten path destinations to explore - you can check out old Buddhist places and objects, visit hermit pagodas, see weird artifacts, have a lunch at an unusual puppy cafe, go to the oldest observatory in Asia, and plenty more.

Haesindang Penis Park

Haesindang Park or Penis Park in Seongnam, South Korea has plenty of phallic sculptures and penis shaped objects. Penises are a necessity in this place so that they can appease the spirit of the dead…

Dog Cafe in Busan

Busan Dog Cafe was inspired by the cat cafes in Japan, and South Koreans love it. In Busan, where owning a dog is a luxury due to the small apartments and a hectic schedule of a big city, relaxing in…