Off the beaten path: Russia

Russia is so gigantic that the list of off the beaten path destinations in the country is infinite. There are plenty of interesting and unusual historical places to visit, cultural attractions to see, diverse landscapes to explore, weird customs to learn and unresolved mysteries to witness. One has to visit Russia more than once to see it all, and even then there still will be off the beaten track places to discover.

The Dancing Forest of Curonian Spit

The Dancing, or Drunk Forest in Curonian Spit national park is an interesting and unexplained phenomena - the trees grow twisted, creating loops and spirals with their trunks.

The evil cave of the White Shaman

Kashkulakskaya cave is located in the north of the Khakassia republic in Eastern Siberia, and is recognized as one of the scariest places on the planet. Locals call it the cave of Black Devil or the…