Off the beaten path: Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands consist of two island chains of 29 atolls, which are made up of smaller islets. This is the place of papaya and coconut plantations, pandanus and breadfruit trees, endemic plants and beautiful marine life. Marshall Islands are an off the beaten path destination, due to the tragic history of nuclear bomb tests by the US army - the diving sites include an underwater cemetery of military vehicles and rich marine life, since no one dared to go near the place because of contamination danger. There are also military structures and museums on land which are worth seeing, as well as the amazing atolls themselves.

The beautiful radioactive Bikini atoll

Bikini atoll looks amazing from above, but has a grim nuclear past - USA tested 23 bombs in the area, which caused death and disease of the islands' inhabitants, and also served as an inspiration for…

The Cactus Dome on Enewetak Atoll

After multiple nuclear tests performed by the US military on Marshall Islands, a massive Cactus Dome was built. The concrete dome covers up the crater with radioactive soil, brought there during the…
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