There are 13 off the beaten path places tagged ghost towns:

Villa Epecuen - the place consumed by mother nature

If you want to see some South American apocalyptic scenery, Villa Epecuen is your destination. A thriving resort in the past, it was consumed by the salty waters of the nearby lake in 1985 and…

Mo'ynoq - the city of the dead ships

Mo'ynoq, a town in Uzbekistan, used to be a thriving port city. Now, Aral Sea, which the city stood on, has dried up due to the human thoughtlessness, and the place is considered one of the creepiest…
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Riddle House

Looking for the perfect destination where you can touch upon something inexplicable? What about visiting a haunted house and learn what it is like to be a ghost hunter?
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The dead city of Serjilla

Serjilla is one of the 800 Dead Cities in Syria, which was abandoned in the 7th century not due to some disaster, but simply because of the trade route shift under the rule of Umayyad dynasty. It is…
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The Palace of Garbage King

Palacio do Rei do Lixo, or the Palace of the Garbage King, in Coina, Portugal is famous for its bad reputation. Besides that the main owner of the place was believed to be a blasphemous freethinker,…

The Ryugyong hotel

Ryugyong Hotel, dubbed Hotel of Doom, is an unfinished pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its construction started in 1987 and was never completed, resulting in the skyscraper ghost…

Montserrat, the ash-covered island

Since 1995, Montserrat keeps being continuously covered in ash due to series of intermittent eruptions of Soufriere Hills volcano for the last 15 years. If you are into abandoned ghost towns and…

Varosha, the luxury ghost beach resort

Varosha is a ghost beach town in Famagusta, Cyprus, which used to be one of the luxury vacation places in the world for the richest and the wealthiest. In 1974, Turkish army invaded Cyprus, surrounded…
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Presidio Modelo - the defunct panopticon prison

Presidio Modelo used to be Cuban model prison, situated on Juventud island. The prison was designed following Jeremy Bentham's panopticon ideas, with a watchtower surrounded by prison cells in a…
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