Off the beaten path: Germany

Germany has plenty of weird and unusual destinations off the beaten path to offer: If you love Dr.Faustus, you must visit mount Broken, you can learn the secret occult history of the 3rd Reich, you can enjoy a variety of museums of all sorts - potato museums, chamber pot museums, museums of snoring and what not. You can travel to the famous places of witchcraft and try to track down the Unicorn of Harz mountains.

Das Kartoffelmuseum - Potato Museum, Munich

Curious about potatoes? The Potato museum in Munich is the only museum in the reveals the history of the potato in culture and art to its fullest.
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Unicorn Cave in Harz

Harz mountains were considered to be a dwelling of the unicorns since the olden days. Even now, people go to the Unicorn cave on Christmas in hopes to see one.

Schnarchmuseum - the Museum of Snoring in Alfeld

Schnarchmuseum is a museum in Alfeld, Germany, dedicated to snoring and its prevention. Joseph Wirth, the sleep researcher, has collected more than 400 snoring - related items, which look like torture…
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Rakotz brücke bridge

Rakotzbrücke is an architectural masterpiece of a bridge, located in Kromlau, Germany, in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park. The mortal hands that constructed this structure were so talented, that the…