Off the beaten path: Indonesia

Indonesia, the home of Komodo dragon and the last head-hunters, is the largest archipelago in the world with an abundance of natural, historical and cultural attractions. The variety of tribes and ethnic groups and their weird and unusual customs makes it a very attractive destination for the off the beaten path travelers who like to learn about different cultures. There is a plentitude of natural places to explore, volcanoes to see and flowers to smell, especially Rafflesia - the biggest flower in the world (we wouldn't recommend smelling it though).

Rites of the dead of Tana Toraja

Torajan rites of the dead are one of the most elaborate funeral ceremonies in the world. They involve creating a Tau Tau effigy of the deceased, which is placed above the burial site, and a…

The blackest chicken in the world - Ayam Cemani

Indonesian Ayam Cemani chickens are blacker than black - they have black legs, black toenails, beak, tongue, comb, wattles, black bones and black meat. They are very rare and are believed to possess…
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The tree-dwelling Korowai tribe

Korowai tribe in Kia, Indonesia, was discovered not so long ago, and is disappearing day by day. The tribesmen live in tree houses to protect themselves against mosquitoes, animals and sorcery,…