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Mokele Mbembe - the monster of Lake Tele

Mokele Mbembe is the monster lurking beneath the waters of Lake Tele in Congo. Since this area is one of the most unexplored corners of the world, it could be possible that some ancient form of life…
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Labyrinth of Cretan Minotaur

The myth about Minotaur is quite famous, however, we still don't know if it is rooted in history. Excavations in Crete provide ambiguous proof and give birth to different hypotheses as to the actual…

The bones of Smok Wawelski

Once upon a time, the dragon, Smok Wawelski, terrorized the area of Krakow, Poland. The bones of the said dragon can be seen on the walls of the Cathedral of Wawel, and any guide will tell you the…
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The grim fortress of Nan Madol

Nan Madol is a mysterious and feared by the locals megalithic structure in Micronesia, the mystery of which has not been solved to this day. No one knows who, why and for what purpose built it, but…