Off the beaten path: Albania

There are many things to do in Albania due to its location and rich history - you can relax on the Albanian seaside or travel to more off the beaten path destinations - Balkan peaks, historical cities like Berat, Butrint, Durres and many others. There are many fascinating and unusual remains of previous cultures, weird and mysterious castles, and an amazing Dajti mountain with a breathtaking view.

The ancient city of Berat, Albania

Berat has more than 500 historic monuments, including churches, mosques, buildings, bridges and castles. It is one of the oldest city in Albania, founded in 4 B.C. and is a must see for the ones who…
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Bektashi order of mount Tomorr

Bektashi is a relatively obscure Sufi order, which used to be spread out in the Middle Eastern area, but relocated to the territory of Albania due to historic events. Mount Tomorr, near Berat,…

Bunkers of Albania

Albania is a land where bunkers can be found everywhere, and nowadays they are transformed into all kinds of things - cafes, restaurants, wine cellars and what not. All those bunkers owe their…