Off the beaten path: Romania

Romania - the land of snowy Carpathian mountains, Vlad the Impaler, the largest virgin forests in Europe, the place where Jason and the Argonauts went to get the golden fleece, has many off the beaten path destinations. There are plenty hiking tracks to follow in the forests, mysterious living stones, Poenari castle (where Vlad Tepes lived), merry cemetery and many more attractions to see and unusual places to visit.

Trovants - the living rocks of Romania

Trovants of Costesti might as well be an unknown inorganic form of life - these rocks grow when exposed to water, and multiply similarly to an unicellular organism.

Romanian Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa, Romania, is a unique example of tombstone art. They don't have the boring R.I.P. carved into stone, instead the tombstones feature poetic, sometimes frivolous, rhymes…