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Tampere Moominvalley Art Museum

Moominvalley Art museum in Tampere, Finland is a delight for both children and adults as well. Experience the fairy tale atmosphere of Moomintroll world, the character from Tove Jansson's books.

Crocodile Harry's nest in Coober Pedy

Crocodile Harry was a prototype of Mike Dundee from the Crocodile Dundee movie. No wonder - he was a crocodile hunter, and he had the most insane-looking dugout home with various crafts, graffiti, and…

Ta Prohm temple - the Nature vs. Man battle

Ta Prohm temple shows how the nature will win over man and conceal all man-made structures after mankind is gone.

The Smoking Fumarole fields of Djibouti

Boina and Garbes fumarole gas-emitting fields are so loud - one can hear the hissing from far away. This primordial landscape was the filming location of the first Planet of the Apes movie.

The mysterious Film City in Qatar

Film City in Zekreet is a bizarre abandoned place - no one knows how and why it was built. It recreates an antique Arab village and was possibly intended to be a film set for an unknown movie.
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