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The disappearing Dilmun necropolis in Bahrain

Dilmun Burial Mounds are huge necropoleis spread around Bahrain, mostly found in the northern part, close to A'ali village. This area was considered the largest ancient cemetery in the world, having…
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Bektashi order of mount Tomorr

Bektashi is a relatively obscure Sufi order, which used to be spread out in the Middle Eastern area, but relocated to the territory of Albania due to historic events. Mount Tomorr, near Berat,…

Rites of the dead of Tana Toraja

Torajan rites of the dead are one of the most elaborate funeral ceremonies in the world. They involve creating a Tau Tau effigy of the deceased, which is placed above the burial site, and a…

Pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush

Little is known of the history of the Kingdom of Kush, or Meroitic Kingdom. Meroitic Kingdom existed between 800 BC to 350 AD on the territory of Sudan, and more than 200 Meroe pyramids still stand…

The tomb of Eve in Jeddah

The tomb of Eve in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is now a non-existent place, however you can visit one of the oldest cemeteries of the city, where the tomb was supposedly located. On the cemetery gates it…

The Lycian necropolis of ancient Teimiussa - Üçagiz

The ancient Lycian necropolis is a part of Teimiussa ruins, which is located in the harbour of Üçagiz village in Turkey. The oldest ruins are the sunken city tombs, which look like upside-down…

The beehive tombs of Bat Necropolis, Oman

The Bat necropolis in Oman has not been fully excavated yet, and little is known about the culture that constructed it, however, this is the largest found necropolis from 3BC.

The moving coffins of Barbados

The mystery of the Chase vault and its moving coffins still remains unsolved and is of interest of many paranormal experts.

Mølen beach - the ancient burial site, Larvik

Mølen beach combines an amazing landscape and history - this used to be the burial site since the most recent Ice age, 10 000 years ago through 250 A.D.
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