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The Iron House of Maputo

Casa de Ferro is, indeed, a unique house, built by Eiffel in Maputo for Mozambique's governor. Although the building looks quite extraordinary, you wouldn't be able to survive in there in the heat of…

Musée des Vampires - Vampire museum in Paris

The owner of Musée des Vampires, Jacques Sirgent can tell you many stories of dark past of Paris, vampiric rituals and current superstitions. The museum has more than a 1000 amazing exhibits and is…

The black fruit bats of Comoros - Maheli marine park

Moheli marine park is the place were you still can see the unique Comoro black fruit bat a.k.a. Flying fox. There is less than a thousand of them left in the world!
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The Wheel of Time in Budapest

The giant hourglass in Budapest was constructed in 2004, and it stands there to remind us of the times that have passed and of the times yet to come.

Olgoi-Khorkhoi - Red Mongolian Deathworm

Besides being beautiful and mysterious, Gobi desert is claimed to be the habitat of Olgoi Khorkhoi - the Red Mongolian Deathworm. Whether this elusive worm is real or not, it is interesting to learn…
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Life in the deadly waters of Laguna del Diamante

The fact that life can thrive in deadly waters of the beautiful Laguna del Diamante is a true wonder of the nature, which could give clues about the development of the early life on Earth.

The Automata museum of Jaquet-Droz

Jaquet-Droz automata are said to be the predecessors of the modern computers. These 18th century automated dolls are an amazing display of Swiss mastery and precision.
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Cricova Wine Cellars - the largest natural wine storage in the world

Cricova wine cellars in Moldova are the biggest natural wine storage in the world - the visitors can enjoy tasting various wines and marvel at the underground themed wine-tasting complexes.

Roopkund - the lake of skeletons

Roopkund in Uttarakhand is a lake with skeletons of 500-600 people around it and floating in it. Supposedly they were pilgrims from 850 A.D. The icy water preserved hair, nails and the pieces of…
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